ICoP Meeting Notes 6-30-16

The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 6/30/2016              Attendance:  16

Old Business:

  1. Canton name/device à Submitted to Kingdom & out for comments.
  2. Canton OP
    1. Acelin will be creating a google doc
    2. Name, email, phone, awards, what you are good at
  3. Event Calendar 2017
    1. WWM IV: A New Home: March 4th @ Marion Co. Fairgrounds
    2. Pferdesdat Rapier Classic Sept 16th, 2017 @ Delaware Hayes
  1. Teaching a Head Table classà date TBD (Sept-ish)
  2. We are now on the MM website: sort of.
    1. MM is undergoing a website re-vamp and we need to “be patient”.
  3. First Friday July 1st : Chalk it Up 6-9pm
    1. Who’s drawing/bringing chalk? Ays,e has some to use.
    2. Garb
  4. NOAS: closed the books: site has been paid $272, a HUGE discount we didn’t expect. Due to this good relationship with the school, we will be moving the Rapier Classic to the school.

New Business: 

  1. New Herald and New MOAS : submit paperwork today.
  2. Do we want to move fight practice to Mingo Park?: toilets and more foot traffic.
    1. Can move back to Bicentenial Park when OWU back in session.
    2. Test Run Fight Practice @ Blue Limestone Park July 11th.
  3. Need to update the Pferd Web Page.
    1. Can we update the graphics?
    2. Do we need a welcome message?
    3. Should we migrate it back to the official SCA page?
  4. Recruiting: What is our plan when the OWU/AoC students come back?
    1. What are we willing to do?  First Fridays with fighting?
    2. What can we do?
    3. Can we ask for MM help?
  5. Volunteer for Ironman 70.3 Delaware: Water Stop.  Pferd will receive $$$ from Ironman.  Need at least 20 people.
    1. Acelin is the Lead for this project- Bike Stop # 2.
    2. Can use pavilion, dress in garb, ect.
  6. What did everyone do at 50 Year?
  • Geb: Youth marshal, rapier champion for rose tourney
  • Acelin: cleaned the shower trailer, equestrian, learned how to Baltic Pick-Up weave
  • Rose: Animal Husbandry at Finding Hope Farms
  • Miles: Volunteered for retainer, 2-sword tourney, archery tournaments, Holmgang fight, ie shanked a guy w/a knife.
  • Edmund: Hosted an archery tourney, a armored tourney, lots of meetings.
  • Katayoun: sewed vigil clothes, ran the list table for a 5 weapon tourney (new to her)
  • Gregor: archery tournaments, classes, helped move thrones
  • Cellach: Arthurian Dead, marshaled the Known World Squires Tourney
  • JC: Animal Husbandry home on her farm
  • Gunnar: Story Core
  • Machonna: rose tourney, Anglo Saxon demos with Talamar, …met his people and drank bourbon.
  • Katrina: Meetings, purchased new rapier, animal husbandry
  • Ayse: taught 2 Persian classes and got pulled in a wagon.

Open Floor:

Gunnar:  Red Dragon is Oct. 1st:  Still need Event hearld, Youth Marshal, Web minister, Merchant Coordinator. 


Reports Due Soon:  MOAS July 1st, Exchequer July 31st, Rapier Marshall Aug 1st, Seneschal Aug 15th, Webminister Aug 15th.