ICoP Meeting Notes 4-21-16

The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 4/21/2016   Attendance:  Ays,e forgot to count

Old Business:

  1. NOASF
    1. Schedule needed on the website, along with other info: Geb
      1. Royalty Family & Baron/ess coming. Giving them “Breakfast from Pferdestadt”
    2. Only 4 B/W entries, no tables needed
  2. Canton name/device
    1. Documentation is finished-> in mail!
    2. Miles- can you update our FB page with new device?
  3. New recruits:
    1. Age of Chivalry club
  4. Canton OP: table until after NOASF.
  5. Event Calendar 2017
    1. WWM IV: A New Home: March 4th @ Marion Co. Fairgrounds
      1. Contract signed and back in the mail.
    2. Pferdesdat Rapier Classic Sept 16th, 2017 @ church
      1. Aangusà can you talk to the church for the date please?
    3. 50th Camp is registered. Acelin is the land agent.
      1. Register by May 15th!!! (Takes them a few days via Pay Pal)
      2. Bump up to 30 people.
      3. Inviting other groups to camp with us, provided they agree to the rules.
  • Must wear pants in camp.
  • No loud hunka-chunka.
  • No visible displays of alcohol (keep it in a mug, no cans/bottles)
  • Don’t make the Camp Mistress, Acelin have a conversation with you.
  • Don’t make her have Duke Edmond explain the rule you broke.
  • Must learn the Pferdesdat song
  • Please sign up for chores
  • Put up your tent and don’t be the south end of a North Oaken horse.
  1. Teaching a Head Table class: date TBD
  2. Still not on the Middle Marches website after 6 months of trying

New Business

  1. Duke Edmond: suggested an event- tbd
  2. What is the protocol for walk by mundane for NOAS?

Open Floor

  • Archery Practice this Sunday @ Cellic & Vuk’s place. Will light things on fire in the PM.


  • Next Business Meeting will be Thursday May 12th promptly at 7pm.
  • Next Fight Practice: Monday April 25th @ church (last one at church)
  • Next Garb/Potluck: May 12th @ Barley Hopsters
  • Archery Practice