ICoP Meeting Notes: 2-18-16

The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 2/18/2016                    10 in attendance

Old Business:

  1. NOASF: Work Day @ Geb’s for signs/ list poles.  –> Tabled until the weather warms up a bit.
  1. Canton name/device: Feedback from Kingdom? –> will be submitted this week
  1. ICoP on the web à Thanks to Katayooon we are now on the MK website & in the Pale!
  1. New recruits:
    1. OWU- will be attending the March 3rd
    2. DH HS SCA club: No meetings yet.
  1. Outdoor winter meeting/ post revel @ Finding Hope Farms:  still deciding on a day
  1. Canton OP: Edmund –> table for now.

New Business

  1. Event Calendar for 2017 dates/thoughts?
    1. Yes! Edmund is checking with Marion Co. about dates for last sat in feb/ first sat in march.
    2. Yes! Picking a fall date in the next month. (Sept/Oct?Nov?)  Will be held @ church.
  2. Ph camp at 50 Year?
    1. YES! Acelin is land agent and we are registered.
  3. Teachers for Cleftland’s Armorer’s & Needleworkers Symposium April 9th = Same Day as Marshal RUM.

Open Floor

BH Staff wants to dress up for our potlock- can we find them garb?


  • Next Business Meeting will be Thursday March 3rdth promptly at 7pm.
  • Next Fight Practice: Monday March 7th @ the church.  Tirnewydd is on spring break.
  • Next Garb/Potluck: March 10th @ Barley Hopsters: Tirnewydd is on spring break.