The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 5/12/2016

Attendance: Ays,e got distracted and forgot to count.

Old Business:
a. What went well?
Custodians were great, students helped a lot. ROTC was awesome.
Real food @ lunch counter. Everyone said it “was good”.
Fighting had authorizations, then no fighting due to rain.
b. What can we make better next event?
Parking was not clear, we need more signs next time we use this venue.
Schedule more classes/activities. There was a lot of down time for judges.
Change name because there were more things going on that just A&S.
Each project was 1h in an individual room.
A&S Staff can’t “demand” more space the day of the event
Need to know the # of judges before the event.

2. Canton name/device:  any updates? Submitted to Kingdom.

3. New recruits:
Age of Chivalry club:  they enjoyed attending NOAS.

4. Canton OP:  work on this now? Later.

5. Event Calendar 2017
WWM IV: A New Home: March 4th @ Marion Co. Fairgrounds
Pferdesdat Rapier Classic Sept 16th, 2017 @ church
Aangus: can you talk to the church for the date please?

6. 50th Camp is registered. Acelin is the land agent.
a. Register by May 15th!!! (Takes them a few days via Pay Pal)
b. Bump up to 30 people.
c. Inviting other groups to camp with us, provided they agree to the rules.

7. Teaching a Head Table class date TBD

8. We are now on the MM website!

9. Fight practices  church or park? Church thru May.

New Business: None.

Open Floor: No items.

Next Business Meeting will be Thursday May 26th promptly at 7pm.
Next Fight Practice: Monday 16th @ ?????
Next Garb/Potluck: June 9th @ Barley Hopsters

Reports Due Soon: Seneschal & Webminister- May 15