Armored & Rapier combat at North Oaken A&S

Did you know that there will be  Armored and Rapier combat at North Oaken A&S?

It will be a day of tournaments and skill development. If you’d like to take your fight to the next level, this is the place to be.

Armored Activities

3 Point Tourney Double elimination
How does that work? Landing a blow to any valid target is a point.  Reset and fight again. The first fighter to get three points advances. Non-winner moves to the defeated bracket.  After second non-promotion, the fighter is out of the Tournament.

Small Team Melee Tourney
Either teams of 3 or 5 depending on many fighters we get

Dodge Axe: If you can dodge a ball you can dodge an axe
As amazing as it sounds, Dodgeball but with axes. If you’re hit with an axe you are out, if you catch an axe the thrower is out. Goes until only one side has players left, then we’ll reset and run it again.

You must be an authorized armored combatant in list legal gear with hand protection to play.  

There will be prizes for Tournament Winners!

Martial Classes and Training
Come train and get pickups with our team of high caliber knights, like Duke Edmund, Count Cellach and Sir Machonna.

The Art & Science of Armored Combat:   

Do you want to learn to fight?  Do you want to learn to fight better?  Do you want to learn a new weapon style?  Is there one nagging hole in your fighting you want to fix?  Come and get one on one training with Duke Edmund of Hertford, tailored to your wants and needs.  There will be a schedule to sign up for an individual 20-30 minute learning session including sparring, analysis, a notebook (and maybe even video to go with it all).


How to be an effective polearmsman in small melee like unbelted champions

Would like to try out for unbelts team but don’t know how to get started? Do you love polearm but are afraid to give it a try? Being an effective polearmsman in melee is less about individual skill and more about understanding where to go and how to read the fight. I’ll share what I’ve learned over my years on being the Unbelts team.

by Baron Gebhard Rauten.


Getting started with Long Sword in Rattan Combat

If you’d like to improve your fight with a longsword, or have always wondered what it would like to use one, come find me, and I’ll make time to teach you one on one.

Rapier Activities

Nine Points of Roguery at Northern Oaken Regional A&S

There will be a tourney at NOAS on the 30th of April in the lovely Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt, in Delaware OH. I was unduly influenced by a fiddle tune so here we go! Rain or shine and regardless of skill level there will be something for everyone. We will even have a C&T Tourney hosted by my very favorite rogue Marco Borromei.

What are the Nine Points of Roguery?
1. deceit
2. sleight of hand
3. cunning
4. influence
5. a comely face
6. upper hand
7. good natured (hint of cynicism optional)
8. loadsa style
9. perfectly ruthless (can play the bagpipe and will)

Well, I’m only guessing… Any specialist out there?
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Here is some inspiration:

All themes above will be worked into events that will test the skill of the combatants both off and on the rapier field. Details will be available at the event. Hope to see you there! Bagpipes optional.