ICoP Meeting Notes 2-4-16

The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 2/4/2016                     11 members in attendance. 

Old Business:

  1. NOASF: Get BH info on website.  Ask KMOAS if we can use BH’s owner, Brian, to give a mundane perspective on B & V.
    1. We need to communicate to Brian the criteria for A&S judging and get him a tunic to wear.
    2. Her Majesty is coming to the event.
    3. Geb will have a work day for the signs/list poles- date weather pending.
  1. Canton name/device: Feedback from Kingdom? à not submitted yet.
  1. ICoP’s MM website? Pale?  Cartographer’s page?  TABLED- Katayoooooon is working on it, she was not in attendance at tonight’s meeting.
  1. Fight practice attendance report from Marshals
    1. Armored: regular 12is members; last week 14 fighters
    2. Fencing: Acelin was not in attendance. 
  1. New recruits:
    1. OWU- Ays,e sent an email- response was positive.   Need to find where they meet and go introduce ourselves.
    2. Delaware Shakespeare society:  they have an upcoming meeting February 11 “program next Thursday, here are the essentials: We meet 7:30 p.m. at the Andrews House, 39 W. Winter St., corner of Franklin St.  We look for a program suggesting what Shakespeare made of the English sonnet, as well as examples of the sonnet tradition changing as it crops up in later ages, including our own.”
    3. DH HS SCA clue:  There are members! First meeting is Monday Feb. 8th.
  1. Still need Change of Officer forms & recent reports
    1. Cellach Form was turned into Ays,e at the meeting.

New Business

  1. From the Officer meeting @ 12th Night:
    1. Baronial storage unit: lots of cooking/feast stuff for us to use!
    2. No more thrown weapons baronial champion
      1. To further nature Target Archery Community
    3. No more Briarwood.
    4. Baronial Directory: Mistress Rose Marian
    5. Baronial Coins: need them stamped, looking for coin dies, open to suggestions.
    6. Survey Results: Geb! Guild: Monier’s Group?  Guilds are confusing.
  2. Winter Outdoor meeting? (or non SCA?)
    1. Dates/weather conditions? (Geb & Katayooooon are deciding on a date)
    2. How to charge? Soup/hot coco for suggested donation?
  3. Kingdom Law: What are your thoughts on changing the 100 mile rule to 150 miles?  200? We are hosed as we live in the center of the state.

Open Floor

Edmund proposed an OP for the canton hosted on the canton’s website.  No personal information.

Matt reports we have $350 in total from donations from fight practice.  ($200) is currently owed to the church for fight practice rental. 


  • Next Business Meeting will be Thursday February 18th promptly at 7pm.
  • Next Fight Practice: Monday Feb 8th @ the church.
  • Next gathering: Thursday Feb. 11th @ Barley Hopsters.  POT LUCK!
  • Next Garb/Potluck: March 10th @ Barley Hopsters: Tirnewydd is on spring break!